utter love

Because we all could use a little more love and kindness in our ears these days... we're proud to offer Utter Love Personalized Meditations, Affirmations, Stories and more this holiday season. A sonic imprint of your love and support that is playable - and repeatable :) - whenever and as often as it's needed.  Your perpetual pocket presence = your presents.

The gift

Utter Love is a fully produced personal audio experience for a loved one - spoken by you (or maybe your kiddo!) in a broadcast quality studio. It’s  a meditation, an affirmation, a story, or any kind of message that your loved one can play anytime they need support, soothing, a pick-me-up or just a sonic snuggle. Check out the samples we made for inspiration!

We're music + theatre artists local to Seattle. We're doing our best to learn the lessons and to thrive in our big pandemic pivots and we're proud to offer this gift option to our community because we believe in the power of the deliberately spoken word, the power of music, and, of course, the power of love.

Retro Microphone
Turn Table

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the process

1.The Script:

You can either create this entirely for yourself or we’re happy to help you craft the perfect message. See the samples below for ideas or use your imagination. What do you want your loved one to be able to hear as often as they need? How do you wish you could help them when you're not around?

2. The Session:

You’ll come to the home studio (Seattle) for a recording session where we’ll capture your audio in the vocal booth (vaccination required)

3. Post-production:

We’ll edit the audio so it sounds great! We can also lay your voice over a bed of music or earth sounds if you’d like.

4. Delivery:

We can deliver the finished product to you digitally via dropbox, wetransfer or email OR we can put it on your thumb drive ready to wrap in a cute little box.

$100 for the first/$50 each additional

*discount available for artists/others financially hamstrung by the pandemic - please ask if you are in need.



Listening to Music
Meditation Sample - Utter Love
00:00 / 01:42

... we help each other with anxiety and fear. This is a way to be there in the moments you can't be there.

Child Wearing Glasses Without Lenses

...nothing beats being there for story time, but knowing you can be available on-demand and remembered by your special kiddo even when you're far away? That's not so bad either :) 

Story Sample - Utter Love
00:00 / 01:30
Listening to Music on Phone
Affirmation Sample - Utter Love
00:00 / 01:15
Enjoying Music

...this can be a shared experience or place that might be fun or peaceful to revisit for your loved one. All you have to do is describe all the details like you're right in the moment!

Experience Sample - Utter Love
00:00 / 02:00

... have you ever leapt in to fiercely defend a friend from their own negative self-talk? Give them an inspirational pep-talk they can use whenever they find themselves on the emotional ropes.

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